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27 April 2010 @ 02:02 pm

❦ basics
name: Belle
age: 19
Gender: Female
Movie/series: Beauty and the Beast
year or position: Second year college.
Non-Speaking Animal Companion (if any): N/A
Powers (if any): N/A

❦ In depth:
Personality: Belle is extremely intelligent and compassionate. She is considered odd by those who meet her and yet she doesn't seem to notice. She always feels left out no matter where she is and is yet to find somebody she can truly relate to. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and, although she becomes hesitant when she's put on the spot. She is brave to a certain extent, very patient and stubborn. She loves, adores, lives for books. She has a very wide imagination and is adventurous and naturally curious. She is gentle and quiet but can be snappy and sharp when she needs to. Above all, Belle would do anything for a loved one, even give up her freedom. She doesn't feel particularly special and doesn't seem to notice her physical beauty. In fact, she is always away with the fairies. She is slightly absentminded and believes that there is much more to her life though what that 'much more' is, she is yet to find out. Belle forgives and forgets easily - she isn't the type to hold a grudge. She is easily excited and amused by new things and is also easily bored with things she has already seen or experienced before. If you can get her nose out of a book, Belle is a very warm person and is extremely approachable. She is able to look past appearances and accept people for who they truly are.
Canon Background: Click!
AU Background: Belle simply craves adventure. She always has. Unfortunately for her, the change she so longed for came in the form of an enchanted castle. To save her father's life, Belle gave her freedom up and was taken prisoner by the horrifying Beast. She was forbidden to leave the castle and, above all, she was forbidden to explore the West Wing. Being naturally curious, Belle managed to sneak up into the West Wing. While exploring, she ran into the Beast who went into a terrifying rage. She quickly rushed towards her room and rummaged through the pockets of her old dress. Inside there was an invitation to an Academy - one she had received days ago and had forgotten about. Tucking in into her apron, she escaped from the castle in the dead of night and found herself somewhere new - Disney Academy.
Appearance: Coming soon.
Classes: Coming soon.
Clubs: Coming soon.
Best Subject: Literature.
How long have they been at the school(remember this school is from kindergarten on): Second year college/first year attending Disney Academy.
Relationships with other characters: None. (Yet!)

❦ Permissions
Kissing/hugging/etc: Any affectionate gestures are fine.
Injuries: It's all right.
Killing: Contact me beforehand, please!
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: I'd rather not go through this, so no.